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Director Information from Tri State Judging Association

Agenda for MMEA Meeting

New Judging Sheets for 2017

All sheets are property of Tri-State Judging Association. Do not use or copy without consent. 

Copyright Compliance

**To comply with copyright regulations, all performing bands must complete the following form before they perform in a parade.  Please email the completed form to lanepowell1001@gmail.com

For an answer to common questions, please refer to the link with questions.

College/Corps Marching Scholarship for 11th-12th Graders in 2016-17 school year

**: As judges, we have the privilege of observing so many talented young people every year! Some of them might need a small financial boost to be able to participate in a college marching band or drum and bugle corps. Tri-State will be starting its first annual scholarship program, offering one student from a band that participates in a summer or fall Tri-State adjudicated event, a $250 scholarship to use toward their marching endeavors, however they deem necessary. Applications will be made available at the clinic and emailed out. Depending on the response, we would like to perhaps increase the amount and/or double the recipients in years to come. Directors will need to assist the students in the application process.

2017 Rules and Clarifications

**Timing and Penalty - In an effort to keep the flow moving and allow all size bands to be adjudicated in their complete show, Tri-State judges will evaluate the entire ensemble once the FIRST performing member (Front Line, Color Guard, Band member or Drum Major) has entered the marked 100 yard judging area and timing has started and until the LAST person has exited the 100 yard judging area and timing has stopped. The other timing procedures will remain the same as the past two years.  All bands must be in and out of judging area in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. We will have a timer in place for each parade to time each band based on first person in and last person out of judging area. There will be one point penalty for first 15 seconds past time limit and an additional penalty point for going into the next 15 seconds (30 seconds in all). Any time beyond 30 seconds will result in disqualification. 

**Floating judges box - The judging area will still be 100 yards long. However, all judges will be asked to be on the street at the beginning of the judging area as each band enters. They are to remain with the ensemble throughout their performance and attempt to achieve the best vantage point possible for their caption. The judges "box" will still be 80 yards in, and CAN be used for judges to score and/or see as the bands make their way into the judging area, but is not intended as a stationary judging review stand. Bands are encouraged to perform the length of the 100 yards, making use of continuity and flow, climax and release, and significant "wow" moments that might occur in any part of that 100 yards, not necessarily at the 80 yard mark. Judges will be able to get a better sampling of the entire performance this way and bands should feel encouraged to have a flowing performance that highlights different sections of the judging area, not just one spot near the end.

**Identifying Banner - All bands must have a banner identifying their band. No banner will result in a 3-point penalty.

**Parade Gaps and Delays - Bands will be penalized 3 points if there is more than a 2 1/2 block gap prior to the judging area. Music Ex. judge will assess this.

**Director/Staff - Directors and staff are asked to not be on the street in the judging area or in front of the judging box during their band's performance.